First and foremost, we are flawed, imperfect people who’ve found redemption through the atoning blood of Jesus.  We consider the Bible to be God’s perfect revelation to humankind and base all doctrine and practices on the teachings found therein.  It is our intent to be the church of the 21st century by following the example of the church of the first century. 


Historically our roots are in the Restoration Movement of the nineteenth century.  This movement called for all denominations to unite under the common beliefs we all share in respect to Christ’s atonement, God’s grace, and the saving power of faith, while encouraging freedom in all matters not essential to the Bible’s instruction on salvation.  We still consider the old adage, “in essentials, unity—in opinion, liberty—in all things, love,” to express God’s desire for His church today.   Because of this, we are an eclectic group of believers made up of folks from all denominational backgrounds including Catholicism.

This also means we are nondenominational.   We are a local congregation of believers in Neoga, Illinois and do not belong to any larger, man-made organization.  We consider Christ the head of our church and follow the biblical practice of appointing elders as spiritual shepherds.  This biblical model allows us to freely follow the Holy Spirit in addressing the needs of our congregation and community.

We believe that individual salvation rests on faith alone and that faith should motivate the believer to seek God through personal prayer, Scripture study, ministry, fellowship, and worship.  It is the mission of the leadership of FCC to help you facilitate and incorporate these elements into your daily life.

WHAT SHOULD YOU EXPECT AT WORSHIP SERVICE?  Worship service at FCC is based on the model found in the book of Acts. We meet on the “first day of the week” (Sunday) as mentioned in Acts 20, and every service includes the four activities mentioned in Acts 2—the apostle’s teaching (instruction in Scripture), fellowship, breaking of bread (communion), and prayer.  Services also feature worship music in a variety of styles from hymns to contemporary praise music.  Occasionally drama or special events will be included as well.  The atmosphere tends to be informal, and dress is generally casual.  You will find worshipers dressed in jeans and suits and everything in between.


If you desire more information after reading this material, please feel free to contact our office, any of our staff, or one of the elders.